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Don't Slack on Your Weekly Pool Maintenance Chores

Don't Slack on Your Weekly Pool Maintenance Chores

Not only does a swimming pool provide respite from the summer heat and the perfect low-impact exercise, it actually enhances a home's appeal and value like few things can. Spas, whether a part of a swimming pool system or stand-alone, add an extra layer of peaceful relaxation to your outdoor enjoyment.

Although the technology for maintaining pools and spas has improved vastly over the past few decades, swimming pools and spas still need proper regular care to remain clean, inviting and functional. Don't skimp on your pool maintenance! Here are the important maintenance chores that must be performed weekly if you want to keep your pool or spa in top shape for years to come.

pH Balance

To prevent all manner of difficulties from unbalanced water chemistry, the water must be tested no less than once per week. You can purchase pH testing kits and chemicals at your local pool supply store. If the water becomes too acidic, it will eat away at PVC pipes, plaster, concrete, vinyl and anything else that contains alkaline substances, causing corrosion. Corrosion will reduce the lifespan of your pool and its mechanisms quickly. 

If algae start to bloom, it will clog the filter, impede water circulation and eventually render the pool/spa unusable.

Conversely, if the water is too alkaline, it will cause scaling and cloudiness. Scaling is just as hard on your mechanisms as corrosion. Since users, animals, weather and a whole host of other conditions affect the chemical balance in a pool, you should never let this regular testing and correction lapse.

Algae Prevention

Keeping the pool chemically treated to prevent algae growth requires regular applications of an algaecide. If algae start to bloom, it will clog the filter, impede water circulation and eventually render the pool/spa unusable. These problems will commence long before your pool turns green, so don't wait for visible evidence of algae before you treat. 


Skimming debris off the surface of the water should be performed at least weekly, if not more often. You should clean out the skimmer baskets in the pool at the same time. This removes the floating contaminants that can plug filters once they become water-logged and sink. 

Brush and Vacuum

Like anything outside, your pool/spa will collect dirt, which will stick to the porous walls and floor as it settles from the sky. Yes, automatic pool vacuums are great, but they can't do the job as effectively as an application of good old-fashioned elbow grease. You should use a manual vacuum with a hose and pole in addition to brushing the sides of the pool every week. This helps prolong the life and beauty of the plaster and keeps the build-up of dirt from becoming a substantial cleaning job down the road. 

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Get Worry-Free Pool Maintenance

By not maintaining your pool/spa properly, you could cut the lifespan in half or worse. Since pools and spas represent a fair-sized investment, you want them to last as long as possible without needing major repairs. However, even simple, weekly maintenance can become a burden on your time and energy.

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